Fiona invites you to

Walk with along a path in a course in Practical Magic allowing the mystical beings from Dragons to Fairies be alongside you, who WILL mentor you gracefully though each elevated level as you grow, and make space for your soul to come all the way through, assisting you more and more with everyday situations. Navigating your 3D survival life and giving you access to 5D Magic, for every situation you come across in your day. Find yourself easily breaking spells, old patterns and know how use Practical Magic to resolve all your big and little situations that arises.

You are a powerful creator and visionary and here to do your soul work in the big way, that you know you're meant to, create massive impact on the planet and experience real freedom.

The Dragons want you to know how powerful you are when you are entwined with your soul


Hey there beautiful, I feel your deepest desires and dreams

You are ready to dazzle and live the life of your dreams, creating a brand new soulful identity in a stunning and loving new reality.

You've chose the higher path and I know there is a lot to figure out when you choose this path of higher consciousness.

The old ways stop working for you and you have to fathom out the best way to stay true to your intention and purpose.

As your frequency rises you will experience the huge consequences of new energy entering and igniting your soul. Physically and mentally there are certain symptoms of ascending these frequencies that need careful navigating. This is what the Dragons lovingly intend to mentor you with and all the way through.

Do You Feel Different

Like you are feeling hyper sensitive and picking up everything and your empathy and compassion are overwhelming.

Maybe you had reason to shut down the energy coming in as it was too much, but this only leaves you playing small, being over looked and ignored, rejected, and doubting your every move.

How about you rather embrace your sensitivity as a rich talent that will serve you so well.

You are about to learn and experience is your greatness and super power. Claiming your innate power, you can change your world and feel into people, situations and access valuable information at lighting speed (and you know we all need these skills and talents to ripple across the planet right now). You are about to build a strong relationship with yourself, and your inner self which is defined as Soul)

What you say after your audience with the dragons

My client love

“Wow!! I have no words right now, I'm in shock. Thank you thank you thank you. I can't wait to have our call”

Lyndsey Tullens

“I certainly had not expected things to get moving quite so quickly, Fiona after getting me in touch with my soul but WOW! I must slow down a little bit.”

Melanie Raymond

“omgosh, I remember this so very fact, when you said to shake everyone offf!, my first intuition was an antelope being chased and doing the old freeze and then standing up and shaking it all off and a minute later you mentioned the animals doing that! Same with the "going back" to who I am rather than thinking I have to become more...”

Helen Ballot

“It just all made so much sense and nothing has been the same since....I have felt myself for the first time in my life fully accepting me instead of shrinking or hiding. I wasn't joking about that reading having such a profound effect.....holy moly. ”

Wendy Pan

“yes....YES... I am just listening again now - and yes the cushion is much bigger and just allowing it to all come together and completing the circle....That completeness of dropping into all of me. It feels so beauSally Champtiful thank you.”

Sally Champ

“ No wonder I loved dunebuggying so much.....crazy wild woman that I was then and I see its missing now are amazing with your readings! I feel so alive when you tune in to me. ”

Felicity Prudence

“"I dont know you or what you do. I have never met you, we live on opposite sides of the world but you saw me. Like no one has ever seen me before. You literally looked into my living space and described how I felt. I felt heard and safe." ”

Lindsey Moody

“"I am a bit in shock how quickly this all turned around. I was seeing my business dry up and no hope and yet a sesion you saw what the vibration was and directed me to it and proceeded to clear it. The next dayt I had two new clients, and sold a bunch of stuff from my store. I am a believer in magic and miracles now."”

Mandy Baker

“3I was screming what am I doing wrong? and you saw me and felt into my energy and directed me that it was not my fault it was just a stuck energy that was trying to get my attention and we eliminated it. Each week I soar higher and higher and am creating magic for myself now." Thank you for creating an incredible space.”

Heidi Mullens

Have you felt that there is too much effort needed and its exhausting?

Then you are right on track.

You are about to release this need to be overworking, and chasing your tail all day, clearing up and fire fighting and having that pressure land on you.

You can now stop trading time for money, and trying to figure everything out alone, analysing what’s working and what's not and over thinking everything, that just sucks your soul dry.

You get the glue and the magical evidence so that you can now trust that you are being delivered only the best opportunities for you.You will see the downright freaking magical results that my clients are creating.

Are you ready to finally embrace a state of higher consciousness and live your life full out

Experience a high vibe world changing ideas, building super conscious relationships with everyone you meet, and creating a business that responds to your desires.

Imagine stating you'd like to stand on stage and speak about your soul work and then you get a call inviting you to do just that.

Get ready to commit to putting your soul first and foremost into every decision, say 'yes' to living in a body fit for your soul accessing unlimited energy, activating abundance every second of your day.

My Number 1 focus above all else is to connect you back to the infinite power that resides within you, because from there you will know that no matter what happens in the world, any of it...that you will always rise above.

Does this call to you?

Would you freaking LOVE to have this level of support, guidance, connection and all in an ongoing live container with a community, that helps you succeed no matter what’s going on in the world?

Walk with me on our soul's journey, and this blessed community, as life and the world starts working for you and never against you.

Meet your dragons

The dragons have a message for you

  • SARAFINA: Sarafina helps you to see the bigger picture and reach for the greater horizons, that you never believed were possible before. You are a visionary and here to be and are meant to be a creator.

  • TARA: Tara is a sea dragon, opening you up to new perspectives. Taking you from fear and survival to delivering you to safty and onto the spiritual path. Growing you continuously, opening your eyes to see where to pivot and purify your blocks.

  • RAFAEL: Rafael is the most patient of dragons, calm and gentle like your favorite professor. He reminds you of your focus and how to master your mind as a beautiful tool of creation. He pushes you through your old beliefs and self created bounderies

What The Dragons Want You to Know

Sarafina Talks to you - "Its a complete turn around from the way you think you need to do things"

I named this "Soul Expression"

This piece of art came through after my Dragon reading with you

It's been amazing because it freed up a block I didn't realize was even there and you are the one who did that for me.

I am ever so thankful.

I'm going to show you the ones that came after, and frankly, there are days that my soul wakes me up and urges me to paint and won't let go until I do.

My art is evolving and I am mixing paints and textures. It's been phenomenal.

I want to ship it to you. it's a gift from my soul to yours as a BIG THANK YOU for seeing and feeling into me.

-- Geraldine MacNamara

You don't need someone else telling you what to do or how to be

You are perfect and powerful. No amount of thinking will resolve your dramas, all the chaos and un certainlty in your world. Thinking is as out dated as is asking someone else to fix or solve your dilemmas, health or business problems.

Overthinking is blocking your guidence. Creation is simply feeling and elevating your higher states of consciousness and feeling in a different way, and that turns around your energy current so that dilemmas turn into opportunities and you have the advantage of asking the dragons about specific projects, potential prospects and get direct answers.

The beauty of your soul journey and having the Dragons mentor you weekly, is that you will get answers, solve your unresolved issues and successfully feel into situations for yourself, with a new heightened sensitivity skills you get to evacuate what no longer serves you.


Have you had enough of gimmicks and false promises and ready to feel into the truth for yourself

You are too busy living a life you love and are obsessed with to be wasting your time thinking about the best strategies or what someone else thinks, or making big life decisions based on a whim or any shiny new sales technique or for that matter what someone else tells you what is right for you.

Meaning you’re going to dance, play and up level your way to all your big dreams and goals all the way through. You get to silently and powerfully feel ( as your new powerful language ) into events, situations, and people in a way to know what works best for you.

You can create what you want and that's just right for you. You don’t want to wade through any more of someone else's HOW TO of anything any more, because no one takes you deep or far enough, or can ever take you all the way because no one knows what you need better than your soul. She has your best interests at heart always in regards to your health, your relationships or your precious business.

You are finished relying on the opinion of others because you can feel into what's right and wrong yourself. You’re crystal clear on your end goal, how it feels to you, and your verynext step. You're done with trying the traditional old ways of operating as they just don’t cut it any more.

  • Do you want to find like minded souls on the same journey?

    The Dragon Portal is a space where you will met the most supportive, loving community I’ve ever been a part of and the fact that we’re still in love with meeting and sharing our stories of soul and her magic interventions. Meet like minded soul sisters who are on the same soul journey as you and are supporting your journey as you support theirs.

  • Are you ready to make changes in how you operate and do things to create a space in a body fit for your soul, shed the 3D skin, and listen to your soul as she communicates and guides you through physical symptoms

    As you evolve into higher states of consciousness and being new super powerful empath, and human who creates your life on purpose, you understand the meanings of these intense physical symptoms. You have come to know the bigger view and broader perspective. You know its a soul guidence for you, and these growing pains are ready to be desiphered and detoxed out for good.

  • How will it feel to be free and leave behind huge amounts of earth life baggage, and step up to embody your soul essence and her in higher state of consciousness, crytal clear on your big vison and soul work

    Stepping into the higher states of consciousness you will experience shifts in energy, and will indeed leave behind lower vibrations, beliefs, negativity, confusion and old habits like baggage, that will clear the way for more higher vibrations to reside with you.

    Sometimes you have to go off the well beaten track and make your own way and refreshing way that speaks to your business clientele directly in a straight way without pussy footing around. Your energy conveys this so well as a direct and silent vibration language

    There is a potency to the energy and a ritual of communication with your business as a practice that surpasses any old way of working and living. Getting crystal clear on your big vision, creating your ‘must have’ messaging for your business and getting out there and helping your soulmate clients right now and letting them pay you for it.

    Taking you higher all the time, and yet still functioning here gracefully in your daily human tasks, all be it with the greatest of ease and experience the joy to be alive.

Meet your dragons

The dragons have a message for you

  • LUNA RAY: Luna Ray is the pearlescent dragon, who teaches you how to feel safe in your own feelings. She is gentle and touches you at your very core. Serene, sensual and compassionate she shows you how to be inquisitive and feel with an intensity of frequency

  • SOVEREIGN: Sovereign feels like you are the master of your magic. You stand tall, unbreakable and bonded with your inner strength. There is a regal majesty just being in her presence. She convey's to you who you are at your core.

  • BLOOM: Bloom is the sweetest most playful, bouncy dragon. Her possabilities and imagination are boundless, seeing you breaking out of old spells. She takes you out of your box, to cultivate new visions of freedom and magical creations and be unappologeticaly you

How are you handling life as a high vibration sensitive being right now?

You are far too presious to be left suffering any longer

As a sensitive soul, I wonder how it feels for you to feel different, and have that chameleon feeling just so you fit in with others?

Because no one really gets you, and that belief that you’ll never find your soul family and community.

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t open up and connect with people you find to be beautiful souls?

So you stay behind closed doors playing small, and hiding your gifts and talents away from those who need you to really shine.

Did you end up giving up again, feeling tired of the push and shove, and needing to trying so so hard?

Being a sensitive soul can be a very lonely life, but still you’d rather hide out in the closet, pretending to be an average run of the mill human, than try and put your head above and be seen as a beautiful flower again, just to be cut down in this life again and again, as you were in other lifetimes.

Your special and you have a rare gift that can be developed into a phenomenal powerful talent, one where no ones criticism, judgement or bad behaviour ever rocks your world again.

Your sensitivity and burning desire to breakthrough the rough and tough stuff will see you become the new human, a leader and a legend.

Now you just imagine and feel into how much fun it would be to experience something and it is all orchestrated for you.


What The Dragons Want You to Know

Sarafina: "The human population needs to evolve from being over thinkers.

It’s about human beings having shut down their access and disconnected to consciousness and their awareness because it was too much to deal with. Where as, on the contrary it is less to deal with than the amount of force and energy and rules and regulations, and not being able to trust people and things going wrong. "

The World needs more soul sisters like you

You need more people like us

"I feel I can say anything here, amongsts people who really understand me. I can finally take my mask off and feel safe to be seen and heard and how I experience the world"

  • You need flexible, fast, fun, let's figure this out informative and regular online meetings

    where you can feel that you are in good company, clearing this up, getting answers and a feeling of you are good to go, and ready to learn how to walk this journey of the soul. Where you can inspire, be inspired, help and be helped, and finally connect with people who really see your multidimensional, extra sensory perspectives and true magnificence.

  • You will get to meet your soul and know her on an intimate basis,

    as she will support you as you listen more and more, and have a very specific soul breed of people and the Dragons to mentor you and will have your back, all the way through. With these powerful elements, your soul and soul community become your honorary family supporters, cheer leaders and celebrate as you grow and shine brighter than ever before

  • You are no longer making poor surface level connections, questionable iffy decisions on your own any more.

    You have a language you understand with your soul and what ever unfolds you see as a Devine message especially for you. You’re sharing your plans openly with people who have already been there, Everyone is so kind and helpful, so you can express yourself freely about your new dreams, desires and wants, and the plans that are in place as you go onto create many new experiences for yourself with confidence.

Meet your dragons

The dragons have a message for you

  • CEREMONY: Ceremony is the rainbow coloured dragon, who sees you break through to the other side. You let go, and let it all pass. Celebrating your adventure when you are standing at the edge of the rainbow ready to fly.

  • DRAGONS: The Dragons show you how to break the spell you’ve been under and become more powerful than anyone imagined

  • UTOPIA: Utopia is the enlightened dragon she will never land on earth again. She is of this World but not from this World. She's evolmved and teaching you to understand the world as it is. Earthly human cravings and destructive desire have been eradicated.

You may have seen my articles in

Since 2005, I've been actively writing for magazines and newspapers.

My focus has been creating a body fit for your soul through the benefits of raw food, cleanse and detox.

As the years wore on, I realised my earlier clients had all detoxed not just physically but spiritually too.

This lead me to becoming the Body Whipserer. I intuitively feel into your body, feeding back to you what I feel so that you can  release those energy blocks.

I want you to know

When you understand exactly what moving into higher states of consciousness and Ascension is, you will know thats what's being delivered is a message and thats pretty cool and unavoidable as you rise into higher states of consciousness…. You are moving from a dimension of living in a certain limited capacity and frequency known as 3D and into another known as 5D.

When you incarnate in this physical world, your body and mind are the container for your higher self, and has a capacity to hold a small percentage of your entire consciousness and this is defined as your soul. Ascension then is when you start to upgrade and evolve through natural circumstances, a paranormal spiritual experience or through a painful experience . You may find yourself scream 'you don't want to live like this any more".

When you awaken to knowing there is more to life you open up to wanting to hold a larger percentage of your consciousness. Meaning your physical structure will adapt and change to contain a larger capacity of your consciousness and have more and more of your soul self come through.

Your physical body will needs to grow to expand its capacity, and clear out the vibrations that keep you stuck and slow you down, and that is why you will get physical symptoms that go along with growing pains known as "Ascension symptoms".

You can assist the body greatly with a regular phase of volentary detox to eliminate physical, energy, mental and emotional baggage held in your body and mind, and that now needs a fast route out.

Your mind also needs to prepare to accept that it can process far more and needs extra speed to read the frequency of transmissions. Like a processor it also needs more capacity to deal with the consciousness now arriving. That's why the Pineal gland and 3rd eye are so important to this process, because it is the part of the brain that allows additional information to flow consciously, and allows spiritual 6th, 7th and 8th senses to be ignited, and your soul to enter every cell, allowing you to sense, know and feel far more.

This is your super power and operates faster than astral travelling across the globe and into the far galaxies and back as quick as lightning

  • You go through these phases allowing your body to adapt, your mind to acclimatise and function with more conscious energy and cosmic soul information into your body and mind. You activate more of your sensing abilities as you become used to operating in higher consciousness frequencies, crossing over with intuition, telepathy, mediumship, soul to soul communication, Clairaudience (hearing voices) · Clairvoyance (seeing images) · Clair sentience (recognizing feelings) · Clair cognizance (knowing). And you can get used to using these in this dimensions 3D. You bring in sensitive skills and have access to the superpowers and are living more in flow and listening to you body and soul. Receiving messages and have an experience of Nirvana, galangal, Heaven on earth. You've moved into Utopia where people are friends, kind and the world works always in your favour

  • Your life will change forever. If it feels Easy it's right and Simple is best has been my mantra Since 2000, I’ve put myself first, because I refuse to be one of those people who lives without being connected and wondering what life would have been like if I'd just listened followed that guidance. Lucky for you I did, as I've created so much that I can show you exactly how the forces that be (The Dragons) navigate you all the way through to the sunny side of the street. So take it from me, if you don’t listen and get your souls true calling for you out into the multiverse, your soul will never feel free…

  • Once you invite your consciousness and soul into every decision in your life and see the signs, hear the messages being transmitted from your soul you will be creating a Utopia for yourself. You will be able to ask and receive your own answers, negotiate and command what you want out of your day and every encounter? If you want write a book, make a film, live in peace and comfort, move countries to one that feels better, raise your kids with their soul in tact, Know that you will always be supported financially, and find love at any age, and even reverse your age and reincarnate so you can live to a ripe old age and feel like a spring chicken, just like I did.

  • You’ll find you become an all round better human being. I always say you can create anything and that this will be your biggest spiritual practice. * Your relationships will improve * You’ll make better decisions  * You won’t crumble or over react under pressure (dum dum de dum dum dum dum) * You’ll be so full of joy and light. You’ll inspire millions of others to tread your path too you'll have deeper connections Juicey conversations people are so friendly and helpful

  • So are you ready to become that kind of Magical, spiritually connected and gorgeous person?

Working with the Dragons

OH I LoVe the Dragons and how they LoVe me! It feels perfect

“I'm feeling's like being on cloud nine (for lack of a better word) ever since you did that soul reading for me. The insights and the effects have been coming fast and furious ever since then and yet, even when something throws me, I am noticing that it”

Jean Marie Jones

“okay. I would love to know the root of this as well. AS nowits my eyes and a couple other things also popped up in since September and I han't begun to figure out yet. Bit I know it has a message to move it out and make room as before.”

Charlie Fernandis

“Ive been trying to figure out this message as well. After the group call I had a revalation and its catapoulted me forwards. I felt stringly and have been thinking is all part of the same message about slowing down to speed up. but feel like there's more to it. Thank you for your Validation and feeling into this for me to undetrstand better. thanks. appreciate all the good energy healing I can get. ”

Margorie Tavern

“I got an answer -I asked and I got directed. I am not sure if you've seen this but makes perfect sense and then my painting I did a few months ago ties it all together. What a journey and how fantastic to finally see the messages making sence its anew language you rso right. Thank you for doing this with us all. x”

Gerry Middleton

“I've been having a lot of symptoms that were never there before, so thank you for clarifying that the body temperature pops of highs and lows, the ringing in the ears, the eyes being fuzzy, exhaustion and all the others are normal and i dont need a doctor but I need a detox. Which was so funny as I asked my body yesterday, as you directed what did it want? and it showed me a time of calm and outage, I can only describe as a detox sensation. Empty and recharged and reincarneted.”

Lynda Scott

“I created the cource I was prompted to create and it was so humbling. I had eight students and each created something extraordinary and had revalations and epiphanies from what they produced. One woman was in tears and created 2 beautiful pieces. Really, they were all amazed at how they could actually create something that spoke to them. Very gratifying for all of us. Thank you for letting me hear my purpose.”

Sally Taylor

“Fiona, after our call this week I went to the wedding on Saturday, and got a nudge to go outside and walk along a path in the garden, So I did, and there like a picture frame was the exact image id seen when you took me on my journey to meet my soul. I was frozen to the spot until I understood that I was to believe the reality i was enetering, and I was safe.”

Valorie Dunn


Lifetime membership

PLUS two hour Vision Source reading over zoom

  • $999.00

    $999.00The Magical Dragons Portal for Transformation


Dragon Portal

$45 per month, $99 value (self cancelling)

  • Lifetime access

    Self study, drip fed over twelve months course with workbooks to get you from where you are now to truly know your sensual self , your soul communicating in silent language. Includes hundreds of Follow Along With Fiona Resources that you can use for life.

  • Weekly Soul Sister Group Gatherings

    When you need some support, love, encouragement or advice, I'm there to remind you how powerful you are and talk to you face to face, to call in the Dragons no matter where you are in the world.


    Community on the same soul Journey is at the heart of the Dragon Portal, so you get access your Soul sisters as well as me whenever you need witha question or request for support in our private Facebook group.

Midas Touch

$3,640 (VALUE $6,640) contact me directly to enroll


    You get everything mentioned above in Dragon Portal monthly, but for this is for LIFE. That's got an annual value of $1664.00.


    Just me and you, The Dragons will look into your world and feed back to me the vibrations of where you are stuck, what doesnt wiork and how to move forward and make an actionable plan for your transformation. Value $1940.


    Together the Dragons will asssit us to elimlinate whats getting in the way and create a transformational plan, making sure you stay on track and breakthrough the spells keeping you trapped and help you claiml your phenominal power. Value $3036.

Practical Magic Life

$6,644.00 (VALUE $12,905) PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE ....Contact me directly to enroll


    You get everything mentioned above in Dragon Portal monthly, but for LIFE. That's got an annual value of $1664.


    Just me and you, Together with the Dragons will look into your world and keep you moving forwards, and celebrate how far you've come, what's changed and what the Vision Source has for you next. Value $4601.


    Together we will integrate Mind Body and Soul & raise state of consciousness, powerful silent language and create a transformational plan. Keep on track and breakthrough the spells and whats stands in your way as soon as they arise. Value $6640.

Whats Happens in The Dragon Portal?

The longer you stay in The Dragons Portal, the more you’ll get.

Want to know how to build on your relationship with your soul and your personal Dragon? I’ve got you covered.

Want to know exactly where to start with your day, relationship, Children, Moving house, Health, build trust and get evidence, do your soul work, get to your true purpose in business and life? Even if you don’t have an idea or product yet. Stick around its all here.

Want inspiration from the Dragons as the Catalist for the evolution for the world’s biggest visionaries? Yes — we will have that too.

Want to release a symptoms thats hauning you in your first few months? Follow the path.

Want to improve your current finances and release a block thats stuck and not serving you? Follow the path

Want to create your way to a better future? Well as an author of Practical Magic and On a Dragons Breath, and the Awaken With The Dragons messages as cards, I’m extremely well known for my guiding you to where you need to be, and the exercises given to me by the Dragons. You get regular glimpses of those too.

In fact, the bonuses go on unlocking for the duration of your membership, even if you stay with me for years — because after 2O years of being guided, a body whisperer, detox business woman, online healer , energy shifter and mentor, I have more valuable training than anyone else I know, and it’s all yours. When you add this up, it’s priceless . But you can just do a mini jiggle and a wiggle dance because your investment is far less: Get started now or $45 per MOnth or 1640 for life. (Never feel alone again), and see just how valuable Dragon Mentoring will be to feel your way forwards on your precious Soul Journey

  • Weekly Meetings

    $664 value

    FOUR WEEKLY MEETINGS A MONTH This is your chance to connect with people exactly like you, so you can learn something new, bring something valuable to the table, absorb the messages from the Dragons or be mentored by the dragons to resolve your most pressing physical, mindset or emotional issues relating to your relationships, health or your business faster than going for an astral travel across the globe.

    This is hosted by me, with my 20 + years of hands on experience on the path of soul journey and entering higher states of consciouness, and how to navigate the influx or energy, and how to function effeciently and operate in this human 3D life — no one in the world knows what I know about the Dragons, and why they say they are helping humanity to evolve, all whilst you run a family, a business, and create a body fitter to manage the capacity to hold more consciousness as your soul than I do.

    Lucky for you, I've been there, I've risen above the obligations of being so human and thinking like a human, in catch 22 situations that only re created the same senareo over and over again. I have crashed and burnt and got back up better than ever, singing the praises of my soul for guiding me, so that you can get the inside scoop and not have the resistance and be blindsided by human reactions like I did! Each meeting is 60 minutes long, and I moderate the time for who ever wants to be heard and have an experience, so it stays fun and educational for all. If you have a pressing question that you want to be mentored on, you just need to say so in the chat, and we will do our best to get you on in that session. Sometimes we have a loose theme, but we always allow time for your most pressing issues. All these meetings are recorded and added to your personal membership area, so you can check your notes or catch up if you miss a meeting to raise into Higher consciousness. This also means that when you join, you get to see all previous calls, which is invaluable business training with people like you. On going Dragons Portal Meetings

  • Dragon Energy Attunements

    $336 value

    TWO HOURS DRAGON ATTUNMENTS TO HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS One Saturday a month, online over Zoom (Worldwide) you, your new soul sisters and I with the Dragons, who are invited, will meet to make magic happen.

    This is the meeting where you can be attuned into higher consciousness, meet your soul, ask questions to the Dragons and then, grab a coffee or smoothie and kick back and chill with people just like you. You can turn up and be part of aligning into the higher conscioiusness, life force energy and receive healing, send healing, and do your soul work, and time allowing have a heart felt connection and a good chat.

    We can share stories of ascension sysmptoms and can read into whats happening and even fix things for you. We go where the mood and theme of the Dragons takes us on our Play Dates and always expect the un expected and pleasant surprises, but one thing’s for sure — you’ll never feel like you’re alone and feel seperate or confused about your soul journey again.
  • Dragon Portal Group Support

    Priceless value

    24 / 7 FACEBOOK GROUP SUPPORT Your connection doesn’t stop when our meetings stop, because we continue the conversation over in your private DRAGON PORTAL Facebook group. Any time of day, you can chat, buddy up, mastermind and more.

Those who are changing the world with their Soul Vision have three things in common:

  • They Create

    They trust their soul and have the practices in place to build a strong relationship with themselves and their inner self. They listen to the Dragons and ask questions around everything. They lift off from the world as they once knew it and see the big picture at play.

  • They Align

    They align with their soul state and allow the information to come through in their sensitive feelings, and trust the messages and the ways they are being shown. There is a respect for their mentors who came here specifically to assist in these higher states of concessions and teach how to own and operate as a human, in these extraordinary frequencies and vibrations that are sending many crazy and managing to navigate through the ascension symptoms peacefully and with ease.

  • They Choose

    They have chosen to be guided by a cosmic parent with a network of other inter galactic beings and non visible mystic beings so they finally feel like they belong somewhere, so they can co-create on extraordinary levels and finally cast aside unpredictable operating methods based on gear and lack just so they can shoot for the stars where they will finally feel free and safe to feel at home.

Imagine how satisfied you will feel when

Your life, relationships, health and business:

  • Flows Naturally

    Feels completely right on track and flowing with ease and grace. Relationships blossom and flourish, business moves into a new stratosphere producing the financial results you crave, so you can create some even bigger dreams, feel like you are at peace and can have fun and enjoy the life you created with the lifestyle you wished and dreamed of.

  • Syncronicity

    Feels your days are rolling and are extraordinary when you meet so many people on a soul level and just what you were asking for. You have a new perspective of how to use your new skills and talents, with not an ounce of pressure, or any trade of your time or money doing the unimaginable.

  • Souls Journey

    You feel you have personally made a huge impact and changed your corner of the world and all according to your very own Vision and souls journey true nature and purpose. You are already leaving behind a legacy that will be felt for eternity and see yourself as a legend going far farther than you could have thought was possible all whilst playing with energy and creating a world you love to live in.

Course curriculum

    1. This space is to remember how powerful you are. Allow your sensitivity to be your super power. You are safe to expand your experiences and feel again

    2. Chapter 1 Lesson 1 - You Don't Know How Powerful You Are .... says Sarafina

    3. Chapter 1 Lesson 1 - Connection to cosmic electromagnetic field

    4. Chapter 1 Lesson 1 - Ultimate Body Connection - Wise Woman Meditation (1)

    5. #1. Dragon Owner and Operators Guide to Your Soul Journey Into Your New Human

    1. Expanded feeling of love meditation & journey

    2. Chapter 1 Lesson 2 How to feel into a vibration of feeling

    3. Create your new reality feeling into an experience

    1. Lesson 3 Portal 1 Experience the feeling between one feeling and another

    2. Growing Pains Bonus Video

    1. Lesson 4 How to know your Soul Values and legacy

    2. Attunement "Remember you are a Soul"

    1. Lesson 5 Your Sway Test and foundational soul communication Yes and No exercise

    2. Lesson 5 Your Yes and No . Your Personal Soul Language

    3. Lesson 5 Pendulum and rods excercise

    1. Lesson 6 Chapter 1 - Create a SAFE place

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